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support session

We support you in creating your Changers and tablet tube.

  • 45 Min.
  • 120 Euro
  • Online (appointment will be confirmed by email)


You know your goal, but you still need some support in developing your Changers and the can? We support you in finding your goal image and developing effective autosuggestions for the can label. In dialogue with a trained conversation partner, it is usually easier to work out the appropriate ideas. Which image represents the change? What is a sustainable name for your 'preparation'? And what effects, side effects, and long-term effects should it have? Your coach supports you with helpful questions to unlock creative ideas in your mind. Based on the goal you have already clarified, you will take the next step in a 45-minute video call and develop your individual Changers. After booking the support session we will send you the contact details of your coach with whom you will make an appointment. Price of the coaching packages includes 30 changers and the individualized tablet tube (value of 19,90 € inkl. shipping costs). By the way: If the chosen package is not enough, you can book an "extra session" afterwards.

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