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refill - individual

Order more Changers here. We will send you new Changers with which you can refill your can. You can customize & order Changers with a can here.


Prices: 30 Changers: €9,90 | 60 Changers: €14,90 | 90 Changers: €19,90

Personal Data


Please upload the image you want to be printed on your Changers. This can be the same as the initial order or a new one that symbolizes your goal even better. 

Upload image (max. 12 MB)

Important information about your image

Example crop 3

If your image file is rectangular and you upload it that way, we will select a meaningful circular area.

Example crop 2

Alternatively, upload your image in square format. 

Example crop 1

Since the Changers are round, please upload a circular image if possible. Here you can crop your image file (external link, i.e. our privacy policy does not apply there).

Your data could not be saved. Please check if you have entered all data correctly or try again later. If the problem persists, please contact us via

Your data has been successfully saved!

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