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You are a therapist, consultant or coach and want to use Changers with your clients? Learn more about ordering, principles of action and training for Changers intervention here.

The working principles of the Changer intervention are not new: The work with (auto)suggestions, images/metaphors, rituals, goal orientation, and humor has been used in therapy, counseling, and coaching for quite some time. What is new is that they are combined in an intervention. We have been accumulating experience with the Changers since 2019. Enthusiastic about the processes and results, we have been training colleagues in their use since 2020.

Working with Changers can be integrated into any approach, and it promotes most change processes in unexpected ways. It is a joyful, creative, humorous, and at the same time profound process. Helping people find the skill to be developed, as well as the target state/image, is fascinating, fulfilling work. When developing the label of the changer can along with its name, additive, effects, and side effects, there is almost always plenty of fun & laughter involved - at the latest when discussing the consequences of overdosing ;-)

Sustainable change work can be fun!


Order Changers and work out the target image and can/label design with your client.


Find out more about the introductory course and certification as a 'ChangersCoach' here.

Areas of application

Learn in which cases Changers can be used and how they work.

Coming soon: Here you will soon find excerpts from a session in which the Changers intervention was used...

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

Empty Can

Empty Can?

Refill your Changers here. We will send you new Changers with which you can refill your can.

Prices: 30 Changers: €9,90 | 60 Changers: €14,90 | 90 Changers: €19,90


If you are interested in participating in the research / evaluation of the Changers intervention, we look forward to receiving an email from you.

Currently we are planning an evaluation of the Changers in the children and adolescent psychiatry EvKB in Bielefeld. 

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