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Mind Changers Kompass

Changers help you
achieve your goals

What are Changers?

Changers are wafers printed with a goal-representing image that are taken regularly, just like medication, to help you achieve your goals. 

They are thus a psychological intervention that helps you overcome problems by developing your goals and skills.

Changers are based on the well-proven effects of  

  • autosuggestion, 

  • the motivational power of positive images on our brain, 

  • ritualized ingestion of a curative agent,

  • programming of the subconscious,

  • 'smart' goals

If you know what you want to change and have a clear development goal, Changers will help you on your way to reach your goal faster and more sustainably. 

MindChangers Can

Changers can be used for all kinds of topics and goals - personal and professional. Common goals of our clients include: Courage and self-confidence, healthy dieting and athletic goals, vitality and emotional stability, setting boundaries and being able to say ''no'', mindfulness and self-love, motivation and discipline, effortlessness, patience, professional development and much more.

Our Changers

Changers [standard]

Changers [standard]

With Changers [standard] you will find a number of typical topics and goals, each with a target image selected by us and a spectrum of effects outlined by us. 

Changers [individual]

Changers [individual]

With Changers [individual] you build your own Changers: We print your individual target image on your Changers and you can customize the desired effects on the Changers can.

Changers [coaching]

Changers [coaching]

With Changers [coaching] you work with trained professionals who help you develop your goals, your Changers, and your success strategy. 


Through conscious use, I have [...] significantly increased my quality of life.

Anna - Lawyer

How does it work?

Define a goal

Define a goal

Define an attractive goal that you want to achieve.


You will receive your Changers including a can.



Take your Changers over the desired period of time.

Ziel erreichen

Achieve your goal

Enjoy your new quality & way of life.

Woman on bridge


Anna - Lawyer

I have been taking my Changers for quite some time now. Thanks to this solution which is individually tailored to me, my needs, and concerns, I can now actively shape my own life by taking them. And the most important thing - they have actually helped me. Through conscious use, I have permanently achieved more peace of mind and self-love in my everyday life and thus significantly increased my quality of life.

Dori - Artist

I have been using Changers for a long time and am very impressed. The Changers, which I developed individually with my coach, have brought about a rapid and lasting change in me. I was able to let go of long-standing patterns of behavior. I can breathe freely again and work creatively, doubts have disappeared, I have gained new strength, security, and love of life. I feel more relaxed and balanced. This is a great way to change, so simple and so effective.

Carmen - EmotionsExpertin

My very personal Changers have supported me in recharging my energy storage and strengthening my EmoPower®. Now I can pick up again where I had to stop for a longer period of time due to my illness. With my Changers I have my most important need in the palm of my hand several times a day. Self-maintenance at its best.

Frederic Linßen

Are you a therapist, consultant or coach...

... and want to use Changers with your clients?


Learn more about ordering, operating principles and training for the Changers intervention on the next page.

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Deshalb Wirkt's

Why it works



"Every thought strives to become reality"

Probably the most important principle is autosuggestion/self-suggestion.


The pharmacist Émile Coué (1857 - 1926) recognized early on how important it is to provide positive comments along with the medicines he sold. In his book "Self-mastery through conscious autosuggestion" he described two basic principles:

  1. Every thought within us strives to become reality.

  2. Not our will, but our imagination, the ability to make ourselves believe something, is the most significant quality in us.

"Faith can move mountains"

It is not for nothing that the popular saying goes "faith can move mountains". Good doctors consciously make use of the principle of suggestion and increase the effect of a drug through the placebo effect.

Incidentally, placebos work even if you know it is a placebo. Entire psychotherapeutic approaches are based on the principle of the suggestive power of language (including hypnotherapy, solution-focused therapy). 

Die Macht des Bildes

The power of the image

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

The power of images is not only used in the advertising industry, but also in psychological interventions.

A motivating image of your target state that is meaningful to you is the linchpin of Changers.

"You consume your goal image every day ... similar to a host"

Ideally, you choose your very own picture, which we print on your Changers [individual]. The special thing about Changers is that you consume your goal or solution image every day for a while, internalize it with a positive, change-oriented intention and, similar to a host, virtually "ingest" it.

Mann Jubeln
Gewohnheiten und Rituale

Habits and 'rituals'

"Changing an old, problematic habit requires, in a sense, an antidote."

"The human being is a creature of habit". Habits govern our lives. Our everyday life is determined by unconscious patterns and 'rituals' that have become ingrained more or less consciously.


Many are helpful, meaningful, and pleasant, while others are not. In order to change an old, problematic habit, an antidote is needed, so to speak, which is taken just as regularly and with a conscious intention of change.

"With Changers, you reprogram your subconscious."

Rituals are also used in psychotherapy to identify and promote change. 


With Changers you reprogram your subconscious. Just as you take medication to achieve a physical change, you take Changers to reprogram yourself and achieve a change in your psyche (behavior/experience).

Frau Yoga

Goal orientation

"Effective processes of change continually bring the goal into focus."

The focus on well-formulated goals is a central principle in many modern psychotherapeutic approaches (behavioral therapy, solution-focused therapy, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, ...).

"Make your goal smart."

When goals are 'smart'

  • specific,

  • measurable, 

  • attainable, 

  • reasonable

  • are time-bound

they acquire a certain power of attraction.


Therefore, with the Changers you get a short guide on how to make your goal 'smart'.


By the way: Changers are neither a medicine nor a placebo. They do not contain a physiological agent or pretend to contain one. They work because of the principles explained.

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