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pro - as in professional

Design & order Changers

Please make sure you complete the following process in one sitting. This will take a minimum of about 5 minutes and a maximum of as long as you like to spend customizing (there is no time limit).


Prices for a customized box

with 30 Changers: €19,90

with 60 Changers: €24,90

with 90 Changers: €29,90

1. Customize

Click the button below & customize your Changers.

2. Order

Choose the quantity & complete the purchase process.

3. Receive

We print your changers and send them to you.

Examples of Changers [pro]

What is customized?

1. The image

You choose a positive image that best symbolizes your goal (the target state or skill needed to achieve it) and we print it on your Changers.

Changers Can

2. The can

Your changers need a name + additive, a description of the desired effects + positive(!) side effects, and dosage information.

Changers Label
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