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Pro Changers Creation

1. Customize

Customize your Changers on this page.

2. Order

Choose the quantity & complete the purchase process.

3. Receive

We print your changers and send them to you.

Personal Data (Therapist / Consultant / Coach)

Prices: 30 Changers: €19,90 | 60 Changers: €24,90 | 90 Changers: €29,90

What information is to be entered?

1. Changers name

What should your Changer be called?

  • it can suggest the effect (e.g. Ease, Self-confidence, Power Chips)

  • it may sound medicinal (e.g. Curiositas, Aurea tempora C30, Sprintex)

  • it can be funny (e.g. Let's fetz, Souveränimed, Mc Prof.)

  • it can be so unique that nobody but you knows what it means (e.g. Chillomed.Now, Opportunitizer, Up and away!)


2. Additive

The additive describes the 'active ingredient' of your Changer. Popular additions are retard, acute, forte, plus, extra, effect, complex... But you can also customize the supplement (e.g. now, every day, extra hard, relax).


3. Describe the positive effects

Describe in a few words what the main positive effects are. What do your Changers do to you / what do they enable? 


4. Dosage
How, when, and how often should you take your Changers to achieve the best effect?


5. Describe the positive side effects
What are the positive side effects of your Changers? 

6. Describe the positive interaction effects
Positive interactions are effects that occur when the positive characteristics of your Changers coincide with other conditions (e.g., leads to euphoria when combined with free time).


7. describe the positive long-term effects
If you take your Changers over a long period of time and the desired changes have occurred, it is likely that other positive effects will result. What could these be?

Changers Data Entry

Please enter the Changers data in the following text field.

Replace "Changer name" and "additive" with the respective words you want the Changers to be called.

Keep the section names (e.g. effects, side effects ...), because the character limit includes the section names. Delete them only if this section (e.g. interactions) should not be printed.

For efficient processing on our part, we ask you to arrange the different sections using line breaks.

Upload image

Beispiel-Daten (zum Vergrößern klicken)

Important information about your image

Example crop 3

If your image file is rectangular and you upload it that way, we will select a meaningful circular area.

Example crop 2

Alternatively, upload your image in square format. 

Example crop 1

Since the Changers are round, please upload a circular image if possible. Here you can crop your image file (external link, i.e. our privacy policy does not apply there).

Your data could not be saved. Please check if you have entered all data correctly or try again later. If the problem persists, please contact us via

Your data has been successfully saved!

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