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solution process

Intensive guidance to your goal (1 x 90 min. + 3 x 45 min.)

  • 3 hr 45 min
  • 450 Euro
  • Online (appointment will be confirmed by email)

Service Description

You know the problem situation too well and suspect that the way to the hoped-for change needs more than just a conversation? With "solution process", we support you not only in clarifying a motivating, realistic, and sustainable goal and the development of your individual Changers but also in the necessary solution steps. The four sessions can take place over several weeks. During these four sessions, you will continue to build on the Changers developed in the first 90-minute session, discuss their impact and develop further steps. Price of the coaching packages includes 30 changers and the individualized tablet tube (value of 19,90 € inkl. shipping costs). By the way: If four sessions are not enough, you can book additional "extra sessions" afterwards.

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